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"Our bodies are a wonderland full of wisdom and intelligence. We only need to learn how to access all this knowledge."


Hello and glad you found your way here.


 I'm Sabrina, and with great enthusiasm, a Yoga teacher and Pantarei Approach practitioner, based in northern Portugal.

Here you will find all necessary information about yoga and somatic bodywork (according to the Pantarei Approach), as well as class schedules, events and booking options.



For some years now I have been living in the beautiful north of Portugal in a place called Moledo, where the Yoga studio MARAVISTA - Yoga. Body. Mind. is located.

Moledo is a small village a 25 minute drive from Viana do Castelo, and a one hour drive from Porto away.

A magical place with a beautiful landscape. Pure nature. From beach to river to small mountains, there is everything here.

And every day is different, beautiful and charming in its own way.

There is no better place to create a little space from inside and bring attention to body and mind.


Of course you can also work with me online! Feel free to book your online yoga class, somatic coaching session or group and corporate events such as mindfulness (lunchtime) sessions with me.


MARAVISTA - Yoga. Body. Mind. is centrally located in beautiful Moledo in the north of Portugal.


"Mar a vista" means "sea in sight", because from our studio you can see the sea on the horizon and let your soul dangle.

You are welcomed in a pleasant atmosphere, characterised by plants and a warm light.


The yoga studio is equipped with yoga mats, blocks and other aids. Please bring your own yoga mat (if available) and a blanket.


There is ample parking available for you.


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