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To break it down completely:

Yoga is the physical practice of different positions (asanas) in connection with the breath (prana).


It is a form of meditation that helps to work body and mind.


The word yoga means unity and the yoga practice aims to create more unity - in our bodies, between body and mind and us and our surrounding.


Yoga helps to keep the body fit, strengthen and stretch muscles where necessary, relieve pain (the classic: back pain), teaches how to deal with stress and create more awareness.



Anusara means "going with the flow" and "following the heart".

I am teaching Anusara-based yoga, which generally focuses on correct alignment in a fluid sequence. Also, I like to use the five elements as a guideline for the practice, so that every class has a different focus and topic.

Like this I can offer a holistic approach, suitable for all needs.



There are different classes and levels available so that you can find the right class for your personal needs.

Would you like to book a private yoga class to dive even deeper into the practice and specifically address your personal needs? 

All studio- and online classes & courses can be found here:

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