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The Pantarei Approach is a somatic bodywork which in one-to-one sessions and by the use of verbal communication, breath and touch, allows to get a deeper connection to the own body and its resources.

It is a very direct way of experiencing oneself (physically, mentally and emotionally) in a short time and can be helpful whenever the flowing quality of life got stuck by:

  • Emotional or life challenges & changes (work, family, relationships, life changes, pregnancy, sickness, loss)

  • Dealing with past events/trauma

  • Pain

  • Behavioral patterns

  • Anxiety/panic attacks

It can also help you to work on your dreams & goals and embrace your creativity.


A first session lasts between one and one and a half hours, regular sessions one hour. 

Each session begins with a conversation to learn more about your current situation and how you are feeling physically and emotionally. 


We then connect you more with yourself, your own resources, your body wisdom and intuition, using touch, movement, communication and your breath. 


Each session ends with a moment of stillness, which is comparable to the last position in yoga, Shavasana.


You can also book a session with me ONLINE. It also works wonderfully at a distance and without my direct touch, as instead you are guided by me through movement, breathing and your own touch.


Feel free to contact me to make an appointment for your session.


Online Sitzungen Somatische Körperarbeit
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