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The Holy Nights mark the 12 nights between 25. December and 06.January. 

These days invite you to slow down, reflect and give space to what you want to let go of as well as to connect with your dreams and wishes for the next year.


What you get with this digital document:

- 2 live events vias zoom: Opening session 21.12.23 at 12:00pm Portuguese time & 06.01.24 at 18:00pm Portuguese time

- An introduction to what the Holy Nights are

-  Information about Rituals and why we need them

- A checklist to prepare your Holy Nights rituals

- Infirmation around which incences to use and how to use this special time for yourself 

- Ritual of the 13 wishes

- A guide do your daily rituals

- Daily meditation topics and ideas

- Calender overview 

- Diary & Notes

Holy Nights Guide - Digital Workbook & 2 Live Sessions

49,99 €Preis
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